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Asahi Ichimiya (一宮 旭 Ichimiya Asahi) is a side character of Handa-kun. He is a student from a rival school at Seishuu Handa's school.


Asahi is a very calm and friendly person who always thought himself as a "King or Leader" and his friends are just "Follower", but he never treat his friends like they did to him yet naive. Although he seems kind with charming smile, he also can be mean too. Like, when he sticks the candy in Seishuu Handa's clothes secretly during taking picture with him. However, after he met with Seishuu, his life changes and began to realize about what "Friend" is. Since then he became more caring and being protective to his friends.




Seishuu Handa[]

At first, during the school trip in train, Asahi was a bit cold and beware of Seishuu, but he is still calm as usual. As they arrived at their destination, they began walking around the place until he met with Seishuu. Then Seishuu following him around along with the fangirls and then he ask him to take picture together not knowing that Seishuu is tricked by him that his clothes is already stick with candy. When Seishuu lost, he encountered with Asahi at the bridge then he began to propose Seishuu to join him, but he got rejected instead which makes him understand that friends are not just follower but a true friend. After that, all their respective friends or groups came and they say farewell to each other. As honor, he went visit to the Seishuu's school festival along with the friends and decided to meet Seishuu.


  • The name Asahi means "rising sun, morning sun" (旭).
  • Asahi's surname Ichimiya means "one" (一) (ichi) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya).