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Cheerful Kid (ばらかこどん, Baraka Kodon) is the 1st episode of the Barakamon anime series.


A calligrapher is sent to an island after causing a commotion. There he meets a young girl who would inspire him to a world he has never seen before.


At the Eika prize award reception. The director was insulting Seishuu's work saying he was copying other people. Seishuu got really mad and hit him in the face. Afterwards he had to move to Goto to cool his head a little bit.

Arrived at Goto he goes to his place where he meets the village chief Yuujirou. He gives him te key and shows him the house. Then Seishuu saw a closet and when he opened it there was a little girl in it. Yuujirou told him the girl was Naru and that this house was her base. Naru calls Seishuu a Junon Boy. Seishuu gets mad and drags them out of his house, but they just keep coming in. Finally Seishuu just let it be.

Naru was sitting next to him while he was working on his calligraphy. Naru told Seishuu his calligraphy looked like that of her teacher and other stuff. Seishuu gets mad and goes outside where he meets Naru again and


they both apologize. Afterwards Naru shows him around and at before it got dark Naru showed him a place where you could see the sunset perfectly.

At the end of the day when they were walking back home, everybody of the village came to Seishuu's house to introduce themselves and to meet Seishuu. When they were gone Seishuu started to think that it might be kind of fun here in Goto.