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The episode starts with Hiroshi who has to bring a meal to Seishuu, although he doesn't really want to do that and decides that when he arrives at Seishuu's place he will tell him that they won't be making anymore food for him.

Meanwhile at Seishuu's place. Miwa, Tamako and Naru visit Seishuu's place, because they are worried about the stuff they left in his house and afterwards they mess around a bit and leave. Later on Naru comes back with Hina.

Finally Hiroshi arrives at Seishuu's place, but when Seishuu opened the door he passed out. Naru wanted to show Hiroshi his collection who was in another room. The room was full of calligraphy. When Hiroshi saw that he decided to also work hard just like Seishuu.

The next day Naru visits Seishuu's place, but Seishuu looked horrible and later on was brought to the hospital. At the hospital a lot of people came to visit him which made him happy. The day after he was discharged from the hospital.