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Seishuu is out of ink so he goes to the store to buy some. There he meets Tamako who also needed ink and Seishuu gave the last ink pot to her. While they were together walking home Tamako asked if Seishuu could read her manga whom she was going submit to a Shounen Magazine, but when Seishuu opened the package with the manga in it on the first page was a lot of gore. He said that there should be a bit less gore and more friendship action just like in real shounen mangas, but then Tamako got really passionate and started telling all her preference of how Shounen manga should actually be. At last Seishuu was forced to read the whole manga and Tamako also gave him a bag full of manga (including Fullmetal Alchemist and Soul Eater) which he should read to know more about manga.

At home Tamako got worried that Seishuu might tell everybody in the village about the fact that she is an otaku and a fujoshi, so she runs to his house and finds Seishuu and Hiroshi 'hugging' each other (Seishu actually fell) and Tamako ends up running back home.

The next day Seishuu finds out that his calligraphy got second place in a contest. He got really depressed, because he worked really hard for this one and the one who got first place was somebody who is 18 years old. At that time Naru cheers Seishuu up and they go to catch mochi.

There he wasn't able to catch any mochi, but an old lady told him some encouriging words which helped him back on his feet. At his home he tells everybody he had a lot of fun and thanks them.