Seishuu's computer and phone doesn't work, so he goes to a store to use a phone there. While he was walking to the store he stops by a place where a lot of cats come (Seishuu loves cats). The owners opens the door and the cats run outside. One of the owners give Seishuu one of the cats, but the cat scratched him and Seishuu got an allergic reaction which he didn't know he had. Then he leaves to the store.

Arrived at the store he sees Naru and Hina and also meets Akki, the brother of Tamako. He takes the phone and calls Kawafuji asking him to send a new computer. Kawafuji also tells Seishuu about a new calligraphy contest which Seishuu wants to join.

While he was walking home he accidantly throws over a basket with seaweed. The basket belonged to Miwa's father. He asks Seishuu to do him a little favor which is painting the name of his boat on his boat. Although he was first nervous about making a mistake, he later on gets into it and Miwa's father loved the end result.