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While Seishuu was working on his calligraphy Naru's grandpa came and gave him some Konomon. He liked it a lot and before he knew it he ate the whole bag and wanted even more. That's when Naru, Tamako and Miwa came with Konomon and asked Seishuu's could help them with their school project which inlcluded calligraphy.

The next day Yuujirou asked Seishuu if he would like to come to the ocean, so he could keep an eye on the children who are going to swim. Together with Miwa, Tamako and Hiroshi they went to the ocean. Arrived at the ocean Seishuu slipped, fell and passed out. When he woke up everbody was having fun at the ocean and Tamako was sitting next to him, but she kept staring at Seihuu. Finally Tamako asked his opinion about Hiroshi. Seishuu thought that Tamako might like Hiroshi and she was asking for advice, so Seishuu told all kinds of nice things about Hiroshi which resulted in Tamako's fujoshi thoughts to run wild. She ran away and when Seishuu was trying to run after her he slipped, fell and again passed out.

When he woke up he saw it was already time to go back, but Naru, Miwa and Hiroshi were missing. Hina showed Seishuu where they were. They were jumping of a high cliff. After Hiroshi and Miwa jumped, Naru also wanted to jump. Seishuu tried to stop him and ran after him, but he again slipped, fell and passed out.

After he woke up he was really mad at everyone.. But this was the first time he has been so worried about someone else and he started to cry a bit. Afterwards everybody gave Seishuu a hug and promised they would never let Seishuu be worried again. Then they went to Seishuu's house where everybody fell asleep.

The episode ends with Takao and Kosuke who have arrived on the island.