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Kosuke and Kawafuji arrived at the Goto islands, but they are kind of lost. On their way they see Naru and Kawafuji asks her the direction to Seishuu's house, but the villagers think that he's trying to capture Naru. So they grab him and take him to the village.

At night while Seishuu was having dinner with Naru and Hiroshi. Miwa comes to Seishuu's house together with Kawafuji and Kosuke. Kawafuji is drunk and gets mad at Seishuu for nothing taking his phone when Kawafuji called. Then he pukes and goes to sleep at Seishuu's house. There Kosuke introduces himself and it seems like he is the boy who won the competion where Seishuu became second and lost to a 18 years old boy (Episode 3). Hiroshi and Miwa try to hide it from Seishuu scared he might get depressed again, but when Kawafuji and Kosuke left Seishuu told them he already knew who Kosuke was.

The next day Kosuke comes to Seishuu's house (Kawafuji has a hangover). There he tells him he is a really big fan of Seishuu and he even got all the magazines that Seishuu featured in. He also tells Seishuu that his calligraphy became worse after he came to this island and asks Seishuu to return back to Tokyo. After being lost for a while Seishuu told him that the calligraphy that Kosuke likes was the calligraphy his father taught him and on this island he's going to find his own calligraphy.

The episode ends while Seishuu was at Hiroshi's house and he told him that Naru was spreading all the magazines with Seishuu around the village. Shortly after, the villagers came to get Seishuu's sign.