Seishuu, Kawafuji, Kosuke, Naru, Miwa, Hina and Hiroshi go fishing. But for Kawafuji, Kosuke and Seishuu it's their first, so they still have a couple things to learn. While Hiroshi plans to catch a Hisanio (=an expensive fish). There Kawafuji tells Kosuke isn't writing right now. Not since he saw Seishuu's latest work. Kosuke's been writing with Seishuu's calligraphy on his mind all the time. That's why he got anxious, he lost his point of reference when Seishuu changed his style. Kosuke's calligraphy looks just like Seishuu's old style and Seishuu's old style looked just like his dad's.

It was getting late so, Hiroshi threw his last bait and after waiting for a while nothing catched it. Since he wanted to pack things up he gave his rod to Kosuke to hold it for a while. When Kosuke was holding it some big fish catched the bait and they all helped to catch the fish and just when they pulled the fish out of the water and realized it was a hisanio the bait broke and the fish fell into the water again.

The next day Kosuke and Kawafuji leave the island and Kosuke apologizes to Seishuu for his rude behavior when they first met and also thanked him since he learned some new things.