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It's Naru's birthday and they decide to hold a suprise party for Naru, but there's one problem. Seishuu doesn't know what he should get for Naru's birthday. After thinking for a while he decides to give her a beetle. So Seishuu goes outside and tries to buy a beetle from Kentarou for 10 yen, but Kentarou doesn't want to give him a beetle since he wanted to give Naru beetles for her birthday. Which leaves Seishuu with one option; he has to catch one himself. He goes back to his house to grab a ladder and afterwards goes back to Kentarou again, but when he finally had the chance to catch a beetle he was too scared to touch it. At the end of the day and after a lot of falling and mistakes, Kenterou gives Seishuu a beetle. Although the beetles bites Seishuu and flies away.

Back at his house. Everything was prepared and when Naru came the first thing they did was giving Naru her presents and the first one who had to give his present was Seishuu. At the end his gift was a "I'll do anything you say" ticket and Naru liked her gift way too much.

The next day Naru and Seishuu go to the graveyard since it's already the Bon Festival period. There they visit Naru's grandmother's grave and afterwards they have a lot of fun with everybody from the village untill late in the night.