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There's only two weeks until the Narukain Contest Deadline and Seishuu still hasn't got an idea what to make.

Meanwhile Seishuu's bath boiler broke, so he asked Yuujirou for help and he suggested that he should warm the bath with a fire and for that they needed to go to the woods to find some wood. Seishuu actually didn't wanted to go, but he didn't have another choice. After he collected some wood with Yuujirou he asked Naru to keep an eye on the fire, but Miwa and Tamako came and started to mess around with the fire, making it really hot which made Seishuu angry.

After he was finally finished with his bath and went to the kitchen he saw Hiroshi there. He came to make Seishuu's lunch since his mother couldn't. After they ate their lunch, a crying Hina came to Seishuu's house and said that Naru was being bullied. Both Hiroshi and Seishuu ran to the scene where they saw three kids from another village who were indeed bullying the kids from this village. After getting into a childish fight the bullies leave after seeing Akki.

The next day Seishuu goes into the mountains together with Naru and his friends and on the way back when it got dark Seishuu accidentally falls off a cliff. But Naru and his friends didn't notice it and thought Seishuu took another way. Meanwhile Seishuu was thinking he would die, but then he sees the beautiful sky (which also inspired him) and a falling star. He made a wish to get saved and that's when Miwa, Tamako and Naru find him.

The episode ends with Seishuu seen on the phone saying: "I'l return".