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Handa-kun is a 2016 anime made from Diomedea and it is based on the manga under the same name. The anime is the son from the events of Barakamon and detailing all about his life and his high school days. This anime is also much less serious than its predecessor and mostly features a brand new cast besides Handa and Kawafugi.


Hated by everyone around him, Sei Handa goes about his high school life regarded as an outcast—or at least that's what he believes. In reality, Sei is the most popular student on campus, revered by all for his incomparable calligraphy skills, good looks, and cool personality. However, due an endless series of misunderstandings, Handa perceives the worship he receives from his legions of fans as bullying, leading the school's idol to shut himself off from the rest of his classmates.

But distancing himself from his peers doesn't deter them from adoring him; in fact, his attempts at drawing attention away from himself often end up unintentionally converting even the most skeptical of students into believers. Fashion models, shut-in delinquents, obsessive fangirls, and more—none can stand against the brilliance that is Sei Handa.

Theme Songs[]

  • Opening, The LiBERTY performed by Fo'xTails.
  • Ending, HIDE-AND-SEEK performed by Kenichi Suzumura.

Episode List[]

No. Title Original air date
1 "Handa-kun and a Girl's Friendship"

Handa-kun to onna no yuujou (半田くんと女の友情)

Jul 8, 2016
2 "Handa-kun and the Continuation of Episode 1 / Handa-kun and the Chairperson / Handa-kun and the Model"

Handa-kun to 1-wa no Tsuzuki / Handa-kun to Iinchou / Handa-kun to Model (半田くんと一話のつづき / 半田くんと委員長 / 半田くんとモデル)

Jul 15, 2016
3 "Handa-kun and the Truant / Handa-kun and Cooking Class / Handa-kun and his friend"

Handa-kun to Futoukou / Handa-kun to Chouri Jisshuu / Hana-kun to Shinyuu (半田くんと不登校 / 半田くんと調理実習 / 半田くんと親友)

Jul 22, 2016
4 "Handa-kun and Handa-kun? / Handa-kun and a Girl's Jealousy / Handa-kun and Sociability"

Handa-kun to Handa-kun? / Handa-kun to Onna no Shitto / Handa-kun to Shakousei (半田くんと半田くん? / 半田くんと女の嫉妬 / 半田くんと社交性)

Jul 29, 2016
5 "Handa-kun and Student Council / Handa-kun and Memory Loss"

Handa-kun to Seitokai / Handa-kun to Kioku Soushitsu (半田くんと生徒会 / 半田くんと記憶喪失)

Aug 5, 2016 
6 "Handa-kun and Friend of a Friend / Handa-kun and Dash Higashino / Handa-kun and Palm Reading"

Handa-kun to Tomodachi no Tomodachi / Handa-kun to Dash Higashino / Handa-kun to Tesouuranai (半田くんと友達の友達 / 半田くんとダッシュ東野 / 半田くんと手相占い)

Aug 12, 2016
7 "Handa-kun and the Supplementary Exam / Handa-kun and the Library"

Handa-kun to Tsuishi / Handa-kun to Toshoshitsu (半田くんと追試 / 半田くんと図書室)

Aug 19, 2016
8 "Handa-kun and the School Trip"

Handa-kun to Shuugaku Ryokou (半田くんと修学旅行)

Aug 26, 2016
9 "Handa-kun and the Frog / Handa-kun and the Stalker"

Handa-kun to Kaeru / Handa-kun to Stalker (半田くんとカエル / 半田くんとストーカー)

Sep 2, 2016
10 "Handa-kun and the Average Guy / Handa-kun and the Bishoujo"

Handa-kun to Heibon / Handa-kun to Bishoujo (半田くんと平凡 / 半田くんと美少女

Sep 9, 2016
11 "Handa-kun and the Cultural Festival Preparations"

Handa-kun to Bunkasai Junbi (半田くんと文化祭準備)

Sep 16, 2016
12 "Handa-kun and the Cultural Festival"

Handa-kun to Bunkasai (半田くんと文化祭)

Sep 23, 2016