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Jou Tatenaga is the Granddaughter of the Director that Sei Handa assaults at the beginning of the series.


She was once an obese woman who later lost a lot of weight. She has incredibly elastic skin due to her rapid weight loss and she stated that underneath her clothes her body is actually covered in stretch marks.


Jou Tatenaga has a very gentle and sweet disposition.


Jou is first seen in a photograph as an omiai (arranged marriage) request for Sensei by the Director. The photo was taken at her coming of age ceremony the year before when she was still obese. However he was unbothered by her overweight appearance in the photo and simply stated that the only reason he rejected the proposal is because he is still young and has a lot he wants to do before settling down with a partner.

In chapter 95, Sensei finally meets her face to face but can not recognize her due to the huge difference in her appearance compared to the one in the omiai. She takes Naru for Handa’s daughter which he quickly corrects. Jou still maintains feelings for Handa despite his rejection of her marriage request, and it remains unknown if Handa develops romantic feelings for her.