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Kazuma Higashino (東野 一真 Higashino Kazuma) is a student whose dream is to become a great farmer. He held a grudge against Seishuu Handa due to the fact a house that he was supposed to rent was instead given to Sensei due to his father being friends with the village chief. He is close friends with Shin Yoshida.


Kazuma is one of the tallest characters in the series at 189cm tall. He has light hair and dark eyes. His hairstyle is fashioned in a bowl cut leading Sensei to nickname him “Mush“ as in mushroom head which is a nickname he dislikes but unfortunately, this nickname is quickly picked up by the village children. He often wears a kindly closed eyed smile on his face but he has a dark side when he holds a grudge or when he is annoyed in which he will have his eyes opened.


Kazuma Higashino moved into the rival village Rokunosaki and competed against Nanatsutake in the Sports Festival because both villages are always dead last due to the low population density. He was in the baton passing race and competed with Sensei which ended in a draw.

Due to his animosity with Sensei, the children in the village suspected he was someone nicknamed ‘Dash’ Higashino from Handa’s middle school who was supposed to be the fastest runner in the school but was effortlessly surpassed by Handa and held a grudge against him ever since.

However, it turns out that he wasn’t the same Higashino and the actual reason for his animosity towards sensei was the fact that he was suppose to move into the wooden house that sensei was currently staying in as a student under the Nanatsu farmer training program. But because of the village chief’s friendship with Seimei, he ended up letting the house to Sensei instead as a favour to an old friend. He later gets over the grudge and becomes the first student of the Handa Caligraphy School.


  • The name Kazuma means "one" (一) (kazu) and "real, genuine" (真) (ma).
  • Kazuma's surname Higashino means "east" (東) (higashi) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).


  • When Tamako Arai said a 15cm difference is the best height for two men to embrace, she was horrified to learn that it was Higashino and Seishuu Handa who had that 15cm difference.
  • Kazuma always refers to Shin Yoshida by his full name instead of just Shin or Yoshida, which annoys slightly that he half-heartedly tries to correct, which is later taken on by Miwa Yamamura and Tama as well.
  • Like "Dash" Higashino, Mush also ran track most of his life until his growth spurt combined with extensive exercise caused his knees to become messed up.
  • Kazuma strongly admires Kousaku Kotoishi (Naru Kotoishi's grandfather) whom he sees as a farming genius.
  • In the Barakamon CD Drama, Kazuma was voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.