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Maiko Mori (森 麻衣子 Mori Maiko) is a minor character of Handa-kun series. She is a classmate of Sei Handa.


Maiko is rather shy girl who tried to convey her affections to Seishuu Handa (Maiko's crush).


Maiko worked up the courage to write a love letter to Seishuu Handa who misinterpreted its purpose and threw it away. Her friend stopped him and she got the strength to speak, but she once again misunderstood the purpose. It was alluded that she was a popular student at school and was nice. This noted when in the background the students wonder if she will melt Handa's heart



  • The name Maiko means "linen robe" (麻衣) (mai) and "child" (子) (ko).
    • Part of the name Mai can also mean "hemp, flax" (麻) (ma) and "clothing, garment" (衣) (i).
  • Maiko's surname Mori means "forest" (森).