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Miyoko Kinjou (金城 美代子 Kinjō Miyoko) is a supporting character of Handa-kun. She is a classmate of Seishuu Handa.



Initially, Miyoko was a kind and shy girl who was just a random fan girl of Seishuu Handa. However, after he shows her kindness by helping her, she falls madly in love with Handa.

Anime handa kun mio cara yandere

Eraser emerges

After she learns of his supposed girlfriend, she tried to commit suicide but stopped after Handa (indirectly) encouraged her and she learned that it was his mother.

She later became a scary character as she was always stalking Handa and laughing maniacally. She becomes known as Eraser in this mood change and often takes care of people who try to harass Handa.


Anime handa kun mio's eraser

The fateful moment

Miyoko was a normal girl that fell in love with Seishuu Handa when he gave her a new eraser (hence her nickname "eraser"). In Chapter 4, when the rumor that stated that Handa had a beautiful girlfriend, Miyoko went insane, wrote on Handa's desk 死ね (shine) which was interpreted as a death wish for him, but later it is discovered that it was wrote as 死ぬ (shinu) which means "I will die". Later Miyoko is trying to commit suicide since she can't endure that Handa has a girlfriend. But Handa saves her by accident trying to replace his desk and saying "I'm sorry" out loud; Miyoko thinks it was directed to her but it was for the desk Handa tried to replace.

Later on, she met Handa's "girlfriend" and she was shocked to see her. Miyoko is relived and mortified to learn that Handa's "girlfriend" is actually Handa's mother who was ask to come to school in regarding of Handa's situation at school, due to this misunderstanding rumors. She hurriedly explains this to the school and everything about Handa's reputation is turned back to normal.

After this incident, she got a yandere personality and her face changed into one of a degenerate that she became the president of the girl fans of Handa and protector of him by giving a lesson to the fans that she considered an annoyance to Handa.


Seishuu Handa[]

Miyoko has a yandere personality towards him as she often stalks Seishuu and he has not taken notice of her but when he does, he is put off by her helpful nature to him as well as her eerie nature. However, he starts to see that she is one of his popularities.


  • The name Miyoko means "beautiful" (美) (mi), "generation" (代) (yo) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Miyoko's surname Kinjou means "gold, money, metal" (金) (kin) and "castle" (城) (jou).