Naru Kotoishi (琴石 なる Kotoishi Naru?) is a deutragonist of Barakamon. She is a little girl who lives on the Goto Islands.

Appearance Edit

She is a small girl with lightly tanned skin (in the anime), wide brown eyes, and short spiky wood brown hair that has a small pigtail on the left side.

She's normally seen wearing a white short-sleeved shirt that covers most of her aqua blue shorts that has a rope tied around them. She can also be frequently seen wearing a yellow and green bracelet.


Naru is an energetic and cheerful kid who likes to play around. She keeps coming to Seishuu's house and doesn't seem to understand personal space. She also has a lot of friends even though she can sometimes be seen as annoying by Seishuu. In this case though, she properly apologizes and worries if he gets really mad. She cares alot for Sensei.

She likes to collect strange things such as bugs and shells from the beach (with slugs and other creatures still living inside them). She is also rather adventurous as shown in the first episode and chapter where she continually climbs over a tall wall despite the danger to see a beautiful sunset.

She has a habit of imitating the behaviors and language of the people she sees which causes her to say words she doesn't understand that are rather inappropriate. She is kind hearted, fun and always getting into "trouble".


She is first seen hiding in a closet at Seishuu's house, which seemed to be her 'base' before Seishuu moved in. She and Seishuu grow to like each other alot. She is often seen with her other friends, though Seishuu seems to be her favorite. He does find her antics and invasion of his home annoying but nonetheless cares a great deal about her. He even becomes a calligraphy teacher at her school. She helps remind him of what it is like to have fun and cheers him up when he is down.

Trivia Edit

  • She loves beetles
  • Shares her name with Naru Island, one of the Goto Islands in Japan.