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Barakamon Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack album containing the music of the Barakamon anime series, composed by Kenji Kawai.


Barakamon Original Soundtrack (Full)

Track listing[]

  1. Naru, Child of the Island (島のこども、なる)
  2. Heart's Prejudice (心の偏り)
  3. People of the Island (島の人々)
  4. Cheerful Children of the Island (陽気な島のこどもたち)
  5. Regret (悔やむ気持ち)
  6. Mingling with the Children (子供との交流)
  7. Impressed by Nature (自然への感銘)
  8. Scary Unknown (知らないって怖い)
  9. Within Tama's Mind (タマの心の中)
  10. I'm Sorry! (ごめんなさいっ!)
  11. Flourished Days (振り回される日々)
  12. Misunderstanding Children (子供の勘違い)
  13. Feelings Understood Before I Know It (気が付けば分かる想い)
  14. Lame-o Sensei (ダッさい先生)
  15. Contemplation and Disturbance (反省と困惑)
  16. Tama's Love for Manga (タマのマンガ愛)
  17. How Cute (可愛いなぁ)
  18. Fishermen's Lifestyle (漁師、その生き様)
  19. Battle with Oneself (己との闘い)
  20. Calligraphy Epiphany (書の閃き)
  21. Flow of Time (時の流れ)
  22. Children of the Island Love Pranks (島の子はいたずら好き)
  23. Surpass with Spirit! (気迫で越えろ!)
  24. Mingling with the People of the Island (島人との交流)
  25. Got Peeked At (覗かれちゃった)
  26. Not Gonna Fail! (負けるもんか!)
  27. The Stud's Body is Weak? (色男に体力は無い?)
  28. A Person Contacts and Becomes an Adult (人は触れ合い、大人になって行く)
  29. Jealous Naru? (なるの嫉妬!?)
  30. Mother's Strong Feelings! (母の強き想い!)
  31. A New Day (新しい一日)
  32. Gap and Misunderstanding (ギャップと勘違い)
  33. Friendly Child (人懐っこい子)
  34. Empathy and Impression (共感と感銘)
  35. Biting at Nature's Wealth (自然の豊かさを噛みして)
  36. Growth of a Calligrapher (書道家の成長)
  37. People Learn from People (人は人から学ぶもの)

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