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Shin Yoshida is a student who appears to have large amounts of knowledge regarding farming. He is often seen with Kazuma Higashino although their personalities are very different.


He has a similar style of cowlick as Handa and Miwa. He has light hair and dark eyes and is especially short at 153cm. He always has a bored expression.


He is a very level headed and serious person. He also knows he is short but has not complex about his height. Because of his indifferent attitude, he is often the straight-man or a bystander.


He was the one who told Miwa and Tama that Kazuma Higashino is not “Dash” Higashino because Kazuma is 2 years older than Handa. He also tells Miwa and Tama that they should talk to the guidance counsellor because the school was closing due to the lack of students and resource. He also helped Sensei with his Daikon garden patch by bringing marigolds to keep cutworms away.


  • He appears to be very close to Kazuma due to the fact that he knew Kazuma was not “Dash” and that he was in the track and field club until he messed up his knees.
  • Everyone calls him by his full name even though he always tells them not to.
  • He went to the same middle school as Tama and Miwa because there is only one school in the area.