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The Handa Force is a group of highschoolers that think of Handa is at a godly level based on some experiences they had encountered with Handa.


Junichi Aizawa, Akane Tsutsui, Reo Nikaido, and Yukio Kondo


Junichi Aizawa became a member of the Handa Force because him and Handa were fighting (sort of) for who would become the class president.

Akane Tsutsui became a member of the Handa Force because Handa was told to deliver some papers to him because he had been absent from school for the whole entire school year.

Reo Nikaido became a member because he asked a few girls who they thought was hotter: Him or Handa?

Yukio Kondo met the rest of the Handa Force in a cooking class since they were all placed in the same group. he was basically dragged into the Handa Force.