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Yukio Kondo (近藤幸男 Kondo Yukio) is a minor character of Handa-kun series. He is a classmate of Sei Handa.


Yukio has the most normal thoughts and traits among the other students, he considers himself the opposite of Handa Sei, he is also easy to understand the situation around him. He also seems to understand Handa-kun’s struggles but not to the extent where he can help.


He is a normal high-school student, who performs average in academics and sports, with few but good friends. During cooking class, he ends up in the same group as Handa and his "followers," who have scary rumors. Kondou ends up as part of the "handa-otaku," as he likes to refer it.

He also one of the students besides Takao Kawafuji who aware of Handa's poor and awkward life.


  • Sei Handa : Yukio has an awkward relationship with Handa, but Yukio is a very caring friend, This makes Yukio a better friend than Kawafuji, even though Handa thinks Yukio hates him.
  • Reo Nikaidou : Reo has a close relationship with Yukio. but Yukio is not accustomed to his close nature.
  • Akane Tsutsui : Yukio's relationship with Akane is not very striking, but it is very good.
  • Junichi Aizawa : Aizawa became Yukio's friend who was very caring and always supported him.
  • Tsukasa Komichi : Tsukasa and Yukio have similarities in their position as ordinary characters, however, their personalities are different, therefore they have a chaotic relationship.


  • There was always a joke he considered just ordinary people
  • After 6 years, exactly the same time in the anime barakamon, he got a job in accordance with himself (obtained from the manga Handa-kun Vol.7 : Extra arc)